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A professional stylist for over 18 years, Morriesa affectionalety known as "Reese"  is considered one of the most highly sought stylists in the world. Her role in the beauty industry includes that of licensed cosmetologist, educator, consultant, salon owner, eyelash extension tech, runway and editorial stylist, fashion designer and creative director not to mention the CEO and founder of "J.A.S.E." pop up shop and a distributor for Haute hosiery as well as Mayvenn hair. Morriesa simply is a Queen of all trades as the              


In 2016, Reese was named  the brand ambassador and stylist for "Runway Curls" by the founder Mushiya  Tshikuka from the HOT reality tv show "Cutting Up in the ATL."


Reese is a name long associated with the latest in trend-setting hair styling. In using hair as her canvas, she is able to bring a distinctive, aesthetic, and fresh approach to each client's unique beauty. She has successfully styled from CEO's, actors, models, fashion designers and musicians.  Her unparalleled one of a kind technique has changed the world’s definition of wigs and hair extensions.


Reese understood from a very early age that hair is not just an accessory but the key to feeling beautiful. Mastering skills in cutting, braiding, styling and extensions, Reese's distinct sensibilities quickly won industry insiders who recognized her unique abilities and innovative styling techniques. Her work has been featured on the runway, and in publications including Mane Dame Magazine. 


Hair is her passion, Reese is always on top of trends; it is her persona. Her goal is to continue growing and exceling in her craft. Reese intends to ultimately share all that she has learned. In Reese's words, "Hair is my art, and I love the process of transforming someone from start to finish. I love hair and feel incredibly blessed that I've found a career that resonates with me so perfectly. As a stylist, I believe in honesty, creativity, and hard work: all functioning together to produce a beautiful end result for each and every client." 


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